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The ABC of

A About us is the homepage for the SSEAYP International or SI Online. All web presence of SSEAYP community is link to It serves as a convenient launch pad for users to locate information on SSEAYP family, when necessary hyper link provided for latest news provided by the respective AA’s web masters to eliminate duplication of effort.

B Birth
The SI website first launched during SIGA Singapore on 8 Aug 1999, by Mr Komogata Ship Administrator 2003 in It adopted the name after subsequently review and was re-designed on 23 Dec 2006.

C Continuous improvement with feedback
SSEAYP.COM is administered by a SWAN (SI Web Action Network) team formed by SIS and IYEO with contents approved by the Council of Presidents as part of SI Computer Network initiative. Concerted effort is being made to ensure that updated Alumni Associations information is maintained at all times. Please direct your feedback about our web presence to